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Leicestershire County Council Green Plaque Awards 2021

Leicestershire County Council Green Plaque Awards 2021

Leicestershire County Council Green Plaque Awards 2021

The nice old house opposite the Turkish Restaurant in the village centre used to be the manse for the Minister of Sutton in the Elms Baptist Church. The Rev. Cheney Burdett was the minister living in the manse with his family in 1848, the year that his son, Samuel Swinfen Burdett (SSB), emigrated to America where he had an illustrious career!

SSB became a Lawyer, fought on the side of President Lincoln in the Civil War, was elected as a Member of Congress for two terms and was appointed Commander-in-Chief of the Grand Army.

He never forgot his roots in rural Leicestershire, sending donations to the Sutton Chapel and visiting the village on two occasions. It was on the second of these visits in 1914, whilst he was staying with the then Sutton Minister the Rev. J. W. Cannings, that he became seriously ill and died – in the same house in which he was born!

His body was cremated at Gilroes and his ashes interred at Arlington National Cemetery in USA, as befitted a person of his standing and importance.

Six Leicestershire County Council Green Plaques are awarded annually to people and places in and around the county, nominated and voted for by the public. Samuel Swinfen Burdett is on this year's shortlist of twelve.

It would be nice if we could get a green plaque placed in the village centre commemorating the work done by this local boy. Voting is now underway and finishes on Sunday 24 October 2021.

Voting is done on-line by visiting :

Voting is on a "per person" basis not "per household" so please vote individually so we may get the largest number of votes possible.

Please place your vote for a Green Plaque for SSB now!!

Posted: Mon, 04 Oct 2021 12:15 by Broughton Astley Parish Council Admin.

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