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Harborough Police Newsletter for December 2020

Meet the latest member of the Harborough and Bowdens Neighbourhood Policing Team. James Newman joins us as PCSO 6002. If you see him around the Harborough area, please don’t hesitate to say a socially distanced hello.

Local Policing Priorities

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November proved to be a very busy month. We have dealt with an array of issues, from road traffic offences to drugs warrants and stolen cars. The re-introduction of the national lockdown at the beginning of the month also led to more Covid related incidents to deal with.
Our neighbourhood policing teams have been out in the community, listening to what matters to you as well as reviewing the feedback we received from local residents from the recent Neighbourhood Link survey, and focused our local priorities around this.
Based on your feedback and our crime patterns over the last month, we will be focusing on anti-social behaviour, drugs and burglary.
We're aware that drug paraphernalia is being discarded in Little Bowden Park and Welland Park. The Harborough District Council along with ourselves will be patrolling these areas and the council are also looking to put cameras up in Welland Park. We're continuing our work to identify any drug dealers.
Last month, we also noticed a slight increase in attempted house break ins around Harborough. We have increased our patrols and have been giving advice to residents on how to keep their homes secure. You can find information on keeping your home safe by visiting
Neighbourhood Beat Surgeries
We had planned to hold several beat surgeries in December however, with the announcement that the Harborough area will now be under Tier 3 restrictions, we have postponed these. We will continue to monitor the government updates and reschedule beat surgeries as soon as we're able to.
In the meantime, if you would like to talk to us regarding any matters, you can do this by:
• Reporting online via
• Calling 101
Now the colder weather has arrived you may find yourself defrosting the car more often!
Please never leave your car's engine running un-attended while it's defrosting.

Update on the hay stack fires in the Welland Valley
The Harborough North team are continuing their focus on hay stack fires that have plagued the Welland Valley area for a number of months now. This has led to dedicated patrols in specific areas to try to prevent any further incidents and to help identify offenders.
Since September there have been no further incidents, however our proactive patrols and ongoing investigation will continue.
We are urging people to report any suspicious behaviour to us and if you have any information regarding these incidents, please report this to us on 101 or anonymously via Crimestoppers.
Late last month while on patrol, we came across some suspected hare coursers in the Noseley area. They were brought to our attention by a local passer by who reported the activity. When we arrived the offending vehicle was stuck in mud, they attempted to drive off into the field, spraying our vehicle in mud.
We caught up with them on foot, not an easy task as we were ankle deep in mud! The suspect still refused to stop or exit the vehicle so we had to take action by smashing the passenger side window in order to detain the driver. Unfortunately on this occasion, there wasn't enough evidence to support a hare coursing prosecution, however the driver was reported for driving offences.
Meet the latest member of the Harborough and Bowdens Neighbourhood Policing Team. James Newman joins us as PCSO 6002. If you see him around the Harborough area, please don't hesitate to say a socially distanced hello.
Say hello to PCSO James Newman!

Posted: Fri, 04 Dec 2020 10:33 by Broughton Astley Parish Council Admin.

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