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Harborough District Council have announced that following a public consultation, the order aimed at tackling irresponsible dog owners in Harborough District will continue for at least another 3 years.

Harborough District Council introduced the Public Space Protections Order (PSPO) on Dog Controls in June 2016.

The Order makes it an offence to fail to:

Remove dog faeces (including all land to which the public can gain access).

Put a dog on a lead when directed to do so by an authorised officer.

Have an appropriate means to pick up dog faeces, such as dog bags.

Any breach of the order could result in the issuing of a £100 fixed penalty notice or being taken to court and receiving a fine or conviction of up to £1,000

The Parish Council has made a request to Harborough District Council's Environmental Crime Prevention Officer (ECPO) to undertake patrols in the village following increased complaints to the Parish Office of dog fouling.

Notices have been placed around the areas that have been reported as an issue, and will be patrolled at various times on different day including early mornings and nights.

If you are aware of any problematic areas we would be grateful if you could email the following information to us on

Location - Date - Time - Description of owner and dog (also name if known). This information will then be collated and passed onto the ECPO on your behalf.

Posted: Tue, 07 Jan 2020 14:07 by Debbie Barber

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