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Clerk: Debbie Barber
Council Office, Station Road
Broughton Astley, Leicester

Tel: 01455 285655


Following a number of telephone calls to the Parish Office this morning asking why the access point onto Broughton Way from the public footpath across Thomas Estley Community Colleges playing fields had been fenced off, the Parish Council can confirm that this has been rectified.

The fencing was placed across this access in error and has now been removed allowing the continued use of the public footpath around the perimeter of the field.

Please note that the access gained to the field via a style adjacent to the youth shelter has been blocked off as this was never an authorised permissive footpath.

Access to the footpath on TECC is from the Bull, across the field and through the gate. See attached map:

Posted: Thu, 26 Jul 2018 11:49 by Debbie Barber

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