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New Signs Warn Dog Owners to be Responsible!

Posted: Fri, 06 Jan 2017 12:13 by Alison

New signs have been put up across the Harborough district urging dog owners to walk their pets responsibly.

The signs warn dog owners that they could face fixed fines of £500 – or up to £1,000 if convicted – if they allow their dog to foul, do not put it on a lead when instructed, or fail to produce a bag to pick after their pets.

Earlier this year Harborough District Council adopted new powers, under the Antisocial Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014, to create Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPOs).

The new and enhanced powers, which were backed by the public, are now being used to tackle irresponsible dog ownership in the district.

Councillor Neil Bannister, who has responsibility for environment and regulation at Harborough District Council, said: "The majority of dog owners are responsible but there is a small minority who are spoiling the district for others. These signs, which have been put up in parks and other areas, make it clear that fines will be issued to anyone behaving irresponsibly with their dog."

Dog owner Michael Malin, from Market Harborough, said: "I always pick up after my dog but there are some people who don't so I hope these signs have a positive effect."

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