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Open and Green Spaces

Posted: Mon, 06 Jun 2016 10:56 by Alison

Residents are being asked to help protect open and green spaces across the Harborough district

A part of Harborough District Council's creation of a new Local Plan, which sets out development and infrastructure up to 2031, maps of sites used for parks, open space, wildlife habitat, sport and recreation have been drafted to help protect them in the future.

Now, the district council is asking local people and parish councils to provide feedback on these sites to ensure the information it holds is up to date and accurate.

Respondents are encouraged to review the information and assess the following:

  1. Is the site still relevant as an open space, sport or recreation site?
  2. Do any sites need to be deleted from the list or the information about the site amended?
  3. Are there any new open space, sport and recreation sites that need to be added to the list?

The consultation will run between 3 June 2016 and 15 July 2016.

To comment, during the consultation, or view all the maps and green space lists visit

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