Broughton Astley Parish Council

Serving the people of Broughton Astley

Clerk: Debbie Barber
Council Office, Station Road
Broughton Astley, Leicester

Broughton Astley Community Bus

Broughton Astley Community Bus

Broughton Astley Community Bus was established in 2014 and is run by volunteers.

Here are the schedules for 2023

For more details and to book call Roger on 01455 283001 or Susan on 01455 282966

Lutterworth Community Bus

No fares are collected on the bus. All trips will be invoiced at end of month.

Who operates Lutterworth Community Transport?

Lutterworth Community Transport is a direct service of Lutterworth Volunteer Centre.

Who is eligible to use the service?

Lutterworth Community Transport welcomes enquiries about the provision of transport for the benefit of individuals and groups who:

  • are geographically isolated

  • are frail or elderly

  • are disabled

  • have mobility problems

  • have a learning disability

  • have mental health problems

  • have difficulty in using public transport

  • are a non-profit making community organisations, charities, or voluntary groups

What does the service cost?

Charges apply for the use of our services which depend very much on your circumstances, however, the cost is supported by Leicestershire County Council and the charges which apply to you do not represent the full cost of the service. By using unpaid volunteer drivers, all costs are kept to the minimum possible. For full details of the charges for specific journeys, please contact us on 01455 555571 or email us at .

What services are provided by Lutterworth Community Transport?

The scheme can be used for purposes such as:

  • Shopping
  • Visiting Friends
  • Social Activities
  • Hospital visitation
  • Education and training
  • Access to work
  • Connecting with public transport
  • Voluntary and community services
  • Accessing local services, e.g. banks, Post Office, Council Service Shop, Citizens Advice Bureau, etc.
  • Health Appointments*
  • Social group visits to places of interest.

* This can ONLY be provided where patient transport is not available, e.g. out-of county appointments. You will need to ask your health-care provider, health centre, doctor or specialist for further advice on Hospital Patient Transport.

I'm immobile. How do I access Lutterworth Community Transport?

All services operate on a door-to-door basis.