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Broughton Astley Parish Council provides YOUR local services. We strive to make Broughton Astley a better place to live, work and visit. Our website includes a wealth of information about how we conduct business and what we do. Use the search or browse the site to find whatever you are looking for. If you can't find what you want or would like to recommend any improvements to our website then please contact us.

Latest News

Women's Institute

Posted: Tue, 15 Jan 2019 15:05 by Nicola

The Women's Institute are holding a Tabletop Sale/Boot Fair on Saturday 2nd March 2019 at the Broughton Astley Village Hall.

Doors open at 10.00am to conclude at 1.00pm.

To book a table £5 each or two for £7.50. More »

Please contact Bev Sharp on 01455 282587 or Fran Marsland on 01455 282118 for further information.

Refreshments and home made cake will also be provided by the Broughton Astley WI » Less


Posted: Fri, 14 Dec 2018 14:45 by Debbie Barber

With the dark nights approaching the Parish Council receive an increase in complaints from residents regarding dog mess around the village.

Dog ownership is a personal choice, and to allow a dog to foul in a public place and not clear it up is anti-social and illegal. More »

It is the responsibility of the person in charge of the dog to clear up its mess. Not seeing your dog foul or not having a bag to clean it up cannot be used as an excuse. It could lead to a fine of up to £1,000.

The Parish Council provide numerous dog waste bins around the village to assist owners to carry out what is their legal obligation. Dog waste (in bags) can be placed in ANY litter bin.

Free dog waste bags are provided for Broughton Astley residents and are available from the Parish Office. » Less


Posted: Mon, 19 Nov 2018 13:55 by Debbie Barber

Broughton Astley Parish Council has two vacancies for a Councillor. The Parish Council proposes to fill this vacancy by co-opting a new Member.


If you would like to be considered for the position of Parish Councillor please contact Debbie Barber, the Parish Manager at the Council Office, Station Road, Broughton Astley Leicester, LE9 6PT on 01455 285655 or e-mail for an application form or complete the form attached. The closing date for applications is 10 December 2018. If you would like more information please telephone (01455) 285655 or call in at the Parish Office. More »

Applications will be considered by the Parish Council at its meeting on Thursday 20 December 2018, at 7.30 pm in the Alan Talbott Room at the Village Hall. You will need to attend the meeting if you wish to be co-opted onto the Parish Council. If there is more than one candidate for each of the vacancies a voting process will take place.